The Anatomy of A High Converting Sales Funnels

When it comes to moving your products or services online there's nothing better to do it with than high converting sales funnels.

Although the concept of sales funnels has been around a long time, the person responsible for bringing it main stream is a guy by the name of Russell Brunson. Russell Brunson is the founder and CEO of Clickfunnels, an amazing software tool we encourage our clients to use as we build out sales funnels for them.

high converting sales funnels

So what exactly makes a sales funnel perform well, while others seemingly fall flat?

Although there are a number of factors: having a strong tripwire, good upsells, core products, a profit multiplier etc. as you can see in Tony Robbins sales funnel here; there are more fundamental reasons a sales funnel will convert at a high level.

Here are the top 6 items you'll want to consider when building your next sales funnel to give it the best chance of showing a high level of conversions.

#1: Copywriting

Copywriting is arguably what many would consider a “high-income” producing skillset. It is literally the art of persuasion in print.

If you've ever stumbled across a sales page online, and opted in or bought something from it, then congratulations, you've likely encountered a professional level of sales copywriting.

Copywriting is absolutely instrumental in turning a cold visitor into a buyer and raving fan and it accomplishes this process by doing a few things.

First, it speaks directly to the visitor as if it knows exactly who they are. It's important that when you write copy you understand exactly who it is you will be advertising to since the copywriting should speak to THAT person. The more congruent your copy is to the visitor, or “click” that you paid for, the more likely it is they'll respond to whatever it is you're offering. Also, the copywriting should speak to the viewer in a manner that is congruent to the way they speak. If the visitor is more accustomed to slang, etc., then the copy should be congruent to that.

Second, it uses emotional language and strong calls to action. Remember, people make buying decisions based on emotion, and they justify those decisions with logic. This has been proven in studies time and time again, and regardless of how “logical” you may think you are, you're still prone to the same responsiveness that everyone else is when it comes to copywriting.

Third, the copywriting uses urgency and scarcity to maximize conversions on the calls to action. Urgency and scarcity are still the strongest factors that force human behavior online when it comes to buying and opting in. Phrases like: “only 3 copies left,” or “30 minutes and the offer ends” are incredibly efficient at producing results online. Use them.

#2: Design

Visitors will judge your sales pages in a matter of seconds after landing on them. I learned this lesson the hard way when I first started out blogging almost 10 years ago.

First class design will not only support the copywriting on the page, but it can also make a visitor believe they are in the presence of a professional company, regardless of whether it's true or not. High converting sales funnels almost always have first class design work in them.

In the words of one of my old colleagues when it comes to online marketing: “perception is reality.”

On the flip side of that coin, shoddy design can turn visitors away from your page faster than they arrived.

#3: Bonuses

The biggest factor that will differentiate you from your competitors is what you offer in addition to the normal sale that perhaps your competitors don't.

A good rule of thumb in terms of bonuses for your sales funnels is 10X. Meaning, if you are selling a product for $97, then by offering $970 worth of bonuses makes the sale almost a no brainer for your visitor.

One of our clients offers a software license for example for $197 for one year.

In the free book funnel we built for them we were able to convince them on the upsell to offer the license for 10 years for the same price (a $1970 value!). By exercising this bonus as a one-time offer we were able to skyrocket their conversions to 40% and create a high converting funnel that never would have existed otherwise.

#4: Testimonials

Let's face it, potential customers are skeptical.

There are no exceptions.

In the back of their brain they're constantly thinking: “am I going to get what I pay for here or am I going to be wasting my money?”

That's the barrier and inner battle you're going to always be faced with as a copywriter and sales funnel expert.

And that's why testimonials are absolutely necessary if you want any chance of creating a high converting sales funnel.

Find at least 3 customers that can vouch for your work. Ask them to cut a video about it preferably.

If they can't find the time just write up a testimonial for them, and email them asking for permission to use it with their image and name if possible. Make it as easy on them as you can if they seem to busy to get you something.

#5: Video

Video sells, plain and simple.

It's easier for a visitor to know, like, and trust you if they see you in a video talking about whatever it is your'e selling.

And even if it's not you in the video, videos are still more engaging than just text and images.

Don't forget when you make a video to stick to the rule of using first class design.

Make sure you're using good lighting, the background is appealing, you're dressed in an appealing manner, and that there are strong calls to action littered throughout the video itself.

#6: Sales Funnel Hierarchy & Flow

Sometimes your product necessitates the use of an auto webinar sales funnel.

Sometimes it would work best with a membership funnel.

Other times it needs a bridge funnel.

Knowing what's going to work best is an important factor when building the sales funnel itself. At the end of the day though, the only real way to know is to test.

I always recommend if it makes sense, to start out with an evergreen webinar funnel. We've seen incredible conversion numbers with webinar funnels that we've been unable to achieve anywhere else so they're always worth a shot, especially if you're selling a high ticket item.

Just ask yourself the following question before you build your next high converting sales funnels out: “if I were a potential buyer is this something I would want to see, read, or watch before I bought?” If the answer is “yes” then there's a good chance your sales funnel selection is on point.


High converting sales funnels are truly what differentiate successful entrepreneurs and businesses from ones that fade into the void.

On a final note, if these things feel overwhelming don't be afraid to outsource them. There are plenty of companies out there that can create high converting sales funnels for you, including graphics and video, if you simply don't have the time or technical knowledge.

The question you should always be asking in your business is: “who?” In other words, “Who can perform this skill at the right cost so I'm able to focus on the core functions in my business and not waste time?”

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